Crochet sweater gone wrong…? 

Hello everyone 

Last night I thought my last crochet class for this month. It was so rewarding and exciting to see everyone complete the granny square and feel confident with the yarn and hook. God bless the lovely ladies for giving me the opportunity to share my love of crochet, and for putting up with my mistakes. 

Mistakes brings me to a positive story. Here is a photo of a jumper that I made last year. Believe it or not, this jumper was going to be a lap blanket at one stage! 

I made this using Morris and sons quartet yarn

I used 12 balls of Amethyst, it’s 70% wool and 30% soybean silk. So… Admittedly I never envisaged this jumper to turn out quite the way it did. What went wrong I hear you ask? It was all about the gauge! Really you say… Could anyone possibly get it so very wrong! Yes I know…. I know. 

The lesson I learnt: never start a project like a jumper without some idea of gauge, stitch density, amount of yards finally needed Etc. Another really valuable lesson- salvage your project. There is usually a way to work it out. Don’t throw out your yarn or throw away your project. It can be used in some way. This sweater started off with a nice even square, however halfway through my blanket size I realised I’d need a lot more yarn that I had already purchased. That was when I decided to make a second square, join the two together and see what I got. It looked like a sleeveless tunic… But it was too wide. Hence the sleeves came about. To finish it off I used a Hank of Manos del Uruguay silk blend in Bebe. This made up the cowl neck and the tighter hem at the end of the jumper. I have worn it a few times now with much pride. First mistakes that are salvaged in time always turn into projects to be proud of! Enjoy the inspiration. P x