Scared of colour… Not me!

I wanted to share a little story. Whilst at a quaint little yarn store I picked up two hanks of gorgeous cashmere yarn. It was on sale, but at $68 each it was still a bit pricey… The little catch was the colour: Bright lemongrass green and a jade green. Anyway, I brought it home, then started hunting for ideas on what to do with it. I hit upon doing granny squares, just to blend the two shades of green together. After some experimenting and mixing it up, I hit upon this idea and ended up with this scarf. I also used some silver yarn to edge it and add some glamour to the project. 

It was such a quick project to work it. It’s also soft and warm to wear…. I am not scared of the very bright almost neon colours anymore… Yeah! 

Hope it inspires all the other readers like me who look at colours and wonder about the possibilities. 

P x

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