I’ve just figured out…

Hi lovely readers 

You know you may think me so weird… But I’ve just figured out how to update and write up my own story on the about me page. Considering I’m new to blogging world, I feel like I achieved something. Let me know if you can’t read it… It’s a story of why I taught myself to crochet and how it’s helped me live, be a better person, mum, wife, daughter and gives me this incredible sense of achievement and accomplishment. Thank you God for the gift of crochet. 😇

P x

Wearing crochet with pride 

Here a beautiful top I made in 100% cotton. I’ve worn it a few times now and each time I’ve had lots of compliments. It makes me smile because it’s so beautifully soft and comfortable…. ☺️😉😄😀😊😃 

Notice the sea green edging… Makes for an interesting contrast….


 Hope this inspires you to trying a simple crochet top. This took no shaping so it’s very easy….


Crochet love granny square blanket 

Hi lovely people 

You know how I’ve been experimenting with granny squares lately… Here is something I’ve created with serious love 

This is my granny square hearts love blanket. It’s not a big blanket, but will serve as a cuddly lap blanket to keep you warm in the coming winter months in Sydney. It’s great to watch TV in too! 

P xx

Granny square gloves

I’m on a holiday in Fingal bay this weekend. The most amazing thing about a holiday… It gets me relaxed, happy and very creative. My hands that work so hard at home, want now to create. So here’s what I’ve made today: 


payal 's mittens
payal ‘s mittens
payal 's mittens
payal ‘s mittens
payal 's mittens
payal ‘s mittens
I’m teaching my first crochet course in two weeks. This is the first project I’m going to teach my students as an easy introduction to granny squares. This is a simple project that only needs 8 granny squares to complete. With winter coming soon, I’m looking forward to using these mittens! 😀 The best part, I can type this blog while wearing them… Love practical, simple stuff! 

Healing crochet

Hi everyone 

I have been sick with a virus that was doing the rounds in our house. By the time the kids had recovered, I was ill. To all of you who have children or interact with kids, you will know the feeling? Suddenly one afternoon I have this wave of tiredness and exhaustion, I felt unable to clean and tidy and just wanted to sit down. At times when I feel like this, or in the past felt much worse, I have turned to crochet. Working with my hands calms me, enagaging my brain keeps my self esteem in place and it helps me heal on an emotional level. 

While I haven’t been able to take up my hook recently as much as I usually do, I have been reading a lot. Here is something really valuable to check out: http://blog.lionbrand.com/2014/07/13/5-women-share-how-crochet-has-helped-them/

The women speaking here are all people I admire personally as crafters, designers and high achievers in their own right. Check it out! 

I do have some beautiful projects brewing in my brain, so watch this space… More juicy creative crochet coming soon. Until next time, stay well dear reader. I hope the sun is shining where you are! 

P xx😘

How do you do yours…

Hello lovely readers, isn’t it funny? This is my 3rd blog in 2 days. How come suddenly I have all this time…? It’s because my dear husband is away. Once I put the kids to bed, wash up the dishes, iron the school uniforms… I’ve got nothing to do. So what do I do? My brain and my fingers scream for yarn and want to do something to curb the boredom. So guess what… I faced a old demon and unravelled my hanks of alpaca wool into balls so I can start crocheting with them. 



 Then of course it became clear that I needed some inspiration and really wanted to ask you all… How do you do yours? Each one of us who crafts and works with yarn must have had to do this. Someone suggested to me once to use an upturned chair and that’s what I’ve used in these pictures.

I admit the first hank I ever bought, about 15 months ago, was a sock yarn. I had never bought a Hank before and did not know how to roll it into a ball. Naively, I just started crocheting from the yarn while it was still in its dubious hank state. Needed less to say, a few days into the project, it started to resemble tangled spaghetti. The more I pulled, the worse it got. I’d un clog a little bit, then work a few rows to find another clogged up bit if yarn, each larger than the last one. My crochet rythm gave up on me and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wish I had taken a photo… Just to remind me how brave I am. I did give up on that yarn, then went back a few months later to finish off the unravelling. It wasn’t easy, certainly wasn’t much fun. Took the time it would have taken to create a beautiful project and tested my patience too. But I like to look at everything positively… Of course even that experience taught me some patience! 😂 
So my question to you is… How do you wind your ball? I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas. 

Looking forward to your responses, 

P x

Crochet and mindfulness 

Hi everyone 

I found this very interesting article on the lion brand website. It’s about how crochet can be used as a kind of meditation… Have a read if you are interested 

Crochet as Meditation

P x

I’m a bit lost 

🤔While I tackle the learning curve of setting up my first Instagram account, gmail account, face book account and get my head around blogging, I’m very very lost trying to figure out how to make my blog better. 

I simply don’t know how to introduce a drop down menu, extra photos, put words into current photo, reply to all the people who were kind enough to like me Etc… 

Eventually if it could work out I’d like this blog to be my identity for all the crochet work I manage to work on. I’m hoping to soon acquire some paid work too and I’d really like my blog to look like an introduction to me…. But that’s not what’s happened so far. 

I’ve been out of my comfort zone eversince I ventured into blogging territory about a month ago. I’d read a lot of people’s blog over the years, but never considered myself savvy enough to make one myself. 🤔 Then something made me brave enough to try my own. 

After a while the crochet work grew into an art for me and I really wanted to share it with everyone. Of course then I thought I was going to be OK starting up a blog. Did I mention I’d never been on social media before this? With the exception of a rarely accessed Facebook account which I’d created years ago so my mum (who has since passed away) could see the photos of my kids. I now don’t have the email address of password linked to that account, so it’s been dormant for many years. Other than that I don’t know how to use Facebook or any other social media. 

In the last week I’ve signed up for a new facebook account under the name of crochet princess. I want to upload crochet photos… That’s been a challenge. I know it just be hard for some of my readers to understand this, but I don’t know how to navigate myself. I’m feeling so left behind, so lost on the world of social media… The phrase digital foot print was mostly scary in the past… 

But have a heart little crochet princess, I tell myself often, you will unravel the mysteries of blogging, facebooking, instagramming etc. It will be slow, it will take a lot of reading and self learning… But hope makes the world go around. So I’m not giving up on myself yet! 

If any of you can help me, lovely readers, please shoot me an email on mymindfullcraft@gmail.com and let me know how. 


P xx

Granny square fun….

Isn’t it amazing how something simple like a granny square can be joined up and made into something so beautiful. Here is a top I made for myself in a gorgeous cotton yarn. It’s a simple design that anyone can make. Here are the granny squares I made up…. 

They ultimately were joined together to make this top: 

As you can see it’s a very simple thing to put together. It’s an absolute pleasure to wear. You can dress this up or down, and every time I wear it, I smile all day! That’s just priceless. 

Hope you are all having a blessed and inspired day! 

P x