Mandala information 

img_6465-1Crochet Mandala Madness takes over- Learn to Crochet a Mandala: Beginner friendly course
A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual symbol representing the universe. The mandala is one of humankind’s most ancient art forms. The origins of the mandala are said to have begun around the 8th century BC, in Tibet, but nobody really knows where they began. The word Mandala, means ‘circle’ in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, and the Mandala itself is a spiritual symbol representing the universe and the circle of life. Although its origins are Buddhist and Hindu, there are mandala representations in Christianity, and throughout ancient history, even Jung had his own interpretation – that they expressed the “self’ and the wholeness of humanity. It’s no surprise that these beautiful circles full of intricate patterns bring us peace and contentment when we see them or draw them, or in our crafty case, crochet them!
Apart from their spiritual healing goodness, crocheting a mandala is a fabulous way of learning new stitches! To work on a project like this in- a workshop environment- is a fabulous way to extend your technique repertoire. There are all kinds of different stitches in there, long spikes, shells, trebles, all connected blissfully in different colours. This is another gift that the mandala brings us: the joy of changing colour! I know you probably don’t like sewing in those ends, but it’s worth it!

I’m constantly researching how crochet can help to support wellbeing and improve mental health I’m sure that most of you would acknowledge readily how much crochet soothes the soul in times of stress, and so crocheting a mandala is a wonderful way to settle the nerves and calm the troubled spirit, while learning something exciting and educational.
Where: Chatswood Studio- Suite 201, level 2, 29 Anderson street, Chatswood.

Available timings: Monday mornings, Wednesday/Thursday evenings or Saturday afternoon- to be decided with core group once we have discussed it with everyone. Please send an email to Payal to register interest ASAP.
Cost: $329 for all 6 sessions (This includes all materials, Yarn, beads/sequins, frame to mount finished work, all notes/photos and other notions.
10% off discount for all Current Crochet Club Members. Enrol first to take advantage of this.