Discovering GOA

Travelling around has one great reward! It’s discovering things and learning from them. I was pleasantly surprised to find crochet inspiration hidden in little things like the pattern on these old tiles in a very old Hindu temple in Goa.
Goa is a mainly Christian region which was originally colonised by the portugese when they first came to India. Goa boasts many beautiful churches of which we managed to see two. The gorgeous Portuguese architecture is breathtaking and as we were there in the wake of Christmas celebrations we got to enjoy the decorations too. The first church we went to was started in 1594 and dedicated to infant Jesus. I have a few photos to share below. 

I found it inspirational being able to visit and appreciate the churches even though we are not Christians. However I was also a little surprised to find that there was little or no care taken to preserve these ancient relics. Old Paintings that adorn the church walls are not protected in any way and some have scratch marks where people have defaced them. Another thing I found surprising was that the staff employed for the cleaning of the churches didn’t seem particularly keen or trained in their job. 

Once you learn to ignore the crowds and the other little things which we are so used to in our part of the world, you begin to see things as they really are. For example the floor was broken and mostly just dusty but miraculously the churches are very well preserved. They are clean, enjoyable and full of beautiful treasures form Goa’s illustrious past. 

I hope you have had a wonderfull Christmas. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photos and writing.