India… here we come 

We are all getting ready for a trip away to India 🇮🇳 Yeah! We are going to visit my husbands family in Delhi. The kids are so excited and so am I, but the long plane rides seem tedious at first. Flying With just one connection we will initially have a 9.5 hr flight then a second one which is about 6 hr long. So here’s my plan… to cut down the boring feeling…. I’m just going to pack lots of yarn, hooks and patterns. That way I’ll be busy and hopefully not notice the time. Fingers crossed. 

Here’s a photo of a part of my yarn stash. It must be days that I’ve lingered and lamented about what yarn to pack. I guess I have bought quite a lot of yarn recently, most of the times just for the love of yarn. I guess I’m worse off than those who know what they are buying as they have a pattern ready to work off. Unfortunately I’m too disorganised and never quite know what to do when I buy yarn, I only work that out as I go. 

Finally I’ve managed to pack 6 projects worth of yarn! Do you think that’s too much? We are only away for 3.5 weeks but I want to use my time to create awesomeness….

That reminds me… did I share with you all that I’ve finished my beautiful boxy jumper to take with me to India? Again no written pattern yet, but I’m working on it and please send me a comment on my inbox and I’ll make sure I’ll send you a copy once it’s all ready. It’s soft, squishy and perfect go wear with skinny jeans and some boots!

Finally, I thought I’d share this information with you. I have been going through the Internet trying to find the rules and regulations about what you can take on the flight when it comes to yarn, hooks and scissors. Having trolled through the Internet for information on what I can carry, I finally found something relevant. Here’s an amazing link I found that gave me all the info: On this webpage it lists crochet hooks as one of the items allowed. They also allow certain types of scissors ✂️

So I have packed my hooks set, a pair of blunt edged small scissors and my stitch markers. Hopefully they won’t chuck it all out at immigration. 

Hope you find it useful. 

P x