Staying at the lodge

Living with Wifi spoils you- to the point that when we don’t have it, it takes a while to sink that how many times we use it each day. Where we are staying there is no wifi, except in the dining room and it’s peculiar because we can’t eat and talk and send photos to family all at the same time. I think some people may have found me too rude, as I couldn’t be bothered coming earlier and sitting there just to use wifi before meal times. I’m too happy to be sleeping in my comfortable bed!

We went on our first safari today and I was thrilled to see a fresh water crocodile. Let me introduce you to Virginia!

Our guide Carl was amazing. He fed her with chicken and we could see her come out and eat. She had a husband, however he is missing in action. Rumours are swirling that Virginia ate her husband, because he ate the 3 babies she had. Alternatively the theory is that she kicked him out of the pond

And then we got to chase down some zebras. This was so amazing…

Here is a photo of the group we are with!

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