Leaving Sydney and landing in Johannesburg – Day 1

So two very excited people got onto the plane. Both Jenny and I haven’t been on a plane since pre-Covid era. We are the only two wearing a mask inflight. It was a nice plane trip but 14 hrs does feel longer than I thought. Thankfully I could crochet to my hearts content- I took various hooks, yarn and little scissors and sailed through Sydney check in- no one was concerned!
As we got to the end, and I first looked out if the plane I took a photo to believe I was really here! The O.R.Tambo airport greets you with simplicity as we queue up for immigration. It’s totally different to Sydney- there are less security personnel and no crowds. There was one queue for immigration and then we were out to get the coach.
People are very friendly and helpful. As we walked out we took photos to prove we have landed in South Africa as we both find it a bit unreal!
After check in we realised it was midnight back home and we didn’t want to sleep as it’s only 2pm here. So we went toe dipping into the pool! Then the jet lag set in, so we had a quick dinner and went early to bed!