On to new things 

Hello Crochet Diva
The feel of spring is in the air… do you feel it too? Often when the weather is changing, I find I’m in need of a variety of crochet projects to switch between. I’ve been working with fibres such as wool during winter but with the warmer days, I find myself tempted to get my hands on a less heavy yarn project. Wool is beautiful, but it can be prickly. Whereas there’s so much variety now to choose from, with Bamboo, viscose, polyamide, acrylic and other interesting fibres that add to our humble cotton. Tempting!! Here’s to more yarn shopping….. 😉

Recently I met a student who consciously limits herself, to just one project at a time. My reaction? WOW, especially since I have so many UFO (un finished objects). To further illustrate, I’ve got 7 projects that are all at different levels of finishing. Yes I know!!! It sounds ridiculous to some, even to me, now that I’ve seen it in writing!

There’s no nervousness following that revelation. How I hear you ask… well for one, I get to switch hooks when I switch projects. I am quite happy to have different hooks to use, especially as I find it tedious to work with a small hook for too long. Sometimes, once I’ve worked with a small hook, I’m relieved to move on to a bigger hook and open up my hand & stitches. It helps too when the rows are speedier to make!!

I also firmly believe that I will go back and finish off all my projects. I know I will, because I love them all. Like a gardener with a baby plant, my projects deserve love and nurturing. If I’m forcing myself to work on something, the design will never fall right. Sensible design, is firmly based in simple craft. That will only come through in my work when each moment on each project is spent with love. The love shows in my competed work, my design, my pattern writing and in my teaching- which is what I love the most. Moral of the story- don’t be scared to diversify. Try new things, don’t hold back- Take the Plunge with that new project you have been thinking about. You are going to love your craft even more. Enjoy your crochet! Have an adventure. 

Payal xx
Here is a photo of a recently completed project