I’ve got the power…. 

You know that song… The one with all those beats… Yeah that one. I felt just like that and this post is my explanation why….

Easter was just so lovely…. It was relaxing, it was fun, most of all we connected to the ones we love the most. That was the best feeling in the world. The other best thing was that I managed to finish two projects that I’d been working on and I was a bit worried that I’d never finish…. You know the feeling? 

I managed to give myself a brain workout by converting a knitted garment to a crochet one. It was a knitted sleeveless vest that I had seen somewhere. It was so comfy and lovely, but there was no crochet pattern for it. 

Therein lay the challenge. After measuring up the rough length and width of the original vest, I managed to make up my own crochet version. And it made me feel so happy that I felt I had the power to do simply anything! 😎😉

Here is a photo of the one I made in Katia Aztec yarn. 

I’m really looking to wearing this come the cooler months. Except now it’s just warm everyday… And it simply can’t cool down soon enough for me! Of course whenever I want to wear any of my lovely crocheted items, it’s always too warm. Although we are almost a month into autumn in Sydney, it’s still 27-28 degrees and yes it’s nice, but hey… You can’t wear a nice crochet shawl in that weather can you…. 🙃 here are some photos of our local beach where we go quite often with my dog. 

Hoping it’s cooler wherever you are…. 
P xx

Easter birds 

It’s impossible to explain creativity. It’s like asking a bird, ‘How do you fly?’ You just do.

Eric Jerome Dickey
Happy Easter everyone…! 

 It’s so lovely to have 4 days of holidays. Sydney weather is forecast to be absolutely fantastic… We are just getting into autumn and the temperatures are perfect. The days are warm but not hot, the nights are cool but not cold and uncomfortable. We are all planning long drives, walks with the dog, late nights and lie in mornings…. And lots of crochet time for me! 😉

I wanted to make something colourful and happy. Just to bring out the holiday spirit. Here are my Easter birds. They are quite easy, as you simply make a circle of your choice, fold in half, stuff, sew on eyes and tail…. Done. Have fun choosing the colours. I had a great time choosing the beads too. 

I hope these inspire you to get creative and enjoy the long weekend. Ah for long lazy days, cool nights of take away…. and lots of crochet in front of the TV with my family milling around me. Bliss…. 


P x

Of colour and happiness…

If you shut your eyes and are a lucky one, you may see at times a shapeless pool of lovely pale colours suspended in the darkness; then if you squeeze your eyes tighter, the pool begins to take shape, and the colours become so vivid that with another squeeze they must go on fire.

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Colour is so inviting. It beckons and calls, persuades you to express yourself in its moods. You could be bright orange with happiness and hope, calm with blue and green or just be happy in a colour of your choice. I find engaging with colour a form of expression.

 I made this bunting over a couple of days to express the different moods that I felt. The real challenge was stopping at 17 circles. I could have just gone on and on…. 

Pattern for circles

You will need a size 4.5 mm hook and medium (DK) weight yarn in a wide array of colours. I have used acrylic for my bunting. 

  • Start with a circle. Using white, either make a magic ring, or chain 3, join with first chain for a circle. Sc at join, chain 2, makes 1tr. Make another 13 tr into beginning circle, 14tr all up. Snip off yarn. 
  • With new colour, sc into any tr space from last round. Chain 3, 1tr into same space, forms 2tr together. (Ch 1, tr2 together into each space from previous round) slip stitch into first chain, 14 tr together. Snip off yarn. 
  • With new colour, sc into any chain 1 space from previous round. (Chain 2(acts as tr) tr twice more into same stitch) makes 1 shell. Skip two stitches from round below, three tr in next chain 1 space. Repeat till you have 14 shells. Slip stitch into top of 1st tr. Snip off yarn. 

I really hope you enjoy creating these wherever you are dear reader. I hope you love watching the colours merge and take shape like I did, I hope you love what you do… And I hope it makes you as happy as I was when I’d strung it up. It hangs over a doorway in my kitchen, makes me smile when I look at it, and brightens my day just a little more! 


P x

Ps: please like my post if you like it. It’s so very encouraging…. 😊 

I’ve made it…! 

I’ve made the bag! It was such fun to do, so easy and oh my god blocking is just miraculous. Before I’d blocked the granny square the bag was about 2/3 the original size. Here’s a photo of the finished product… 

Granny Square Flower Bag

Thank you to my dog and my son who sportingly posed for me in his pj’s. I’m so blessed. 😇 

The bag is great for waking the dog or for a quick dash somewhere… you know when you just want to carry your phone, wallet, keys and maybe a small bottle of water. 

I really hope you feel like crocheting something like this for yourself soon. It’s very easy and so rewarding. 

P  x

I’m an addict…

I’m addicted to crochet… I know it because I’ve just cancelled lunch with a very important man (my husband) who has returned from a lengthy work trip… Just to crochet. I’ve had a new idea for a square…. I want to use lots of colour and want to depict delft blue tones…. 

Here we go!

What do you think…. ?


Happy crochet flower 😊


Payal's little crochet to smile upon
Payal’s little crochet to smile upon
Here is a simple idea which makes you smile. Creating little crochet items is very satisfying, especially when you’re not really the committing kind… Like me. I find long projects daunting, blankets done to death and oh my god I’m never going to crochet anything that takes more than a page for the pattern. Yes… That’s my motto. If the pattern runs into more than 1-1.5 pages, I’m not going to try it. Obviously that’s going to change if it’s a really small book or a really new edition of those modern crochet books with big photos, which take up more space than the writing, or if it’s a pattern that gets my juices flowing. Then yes, sadly, like letting go of NYE resolutions, I’m going to have to give up my motto and try it out. 

Anyway, that’s not happened yet… Moving back to this petite little flower. It’s a very simple idea for a ear phone case. Make a flower of your choice, crochet a back for it, sew together and bingo!

Here is a pattern for the flower above: 

With acrylic medium size yarn and size 3 hook

  1. Chain 4. Join with slip stitch to form a circle
  2. Chain 3, 4 tr together, pull through all the loops on the hook in one go, this makes 1 petal (in green) chain 3,( 5tr together chain 3 ) four more times to get 5 petals. Slip stitch in top of first petal to finish. Cut yarn. 
  3. With blue yarn, or colour b, join with sc in the 3 chain space. Chain 3,(acts as one treble) and 4tr in the same space. Skip top of 5tr together from previous row, and continue with 5 tr in each chain 3 space. Slip stitch in top of first 3chain. Cut yarn 
  4. Add a new colour to any tr stitch from previous row. Sc in every tr around. Cut yarn
  5. Add a new yarn with a sc in any sc from previous row. (Sc, chain 3,skip three stitches, sc again) all around the previous circle. Slip stitch in first sc. do not cut yarn
  6. With the same colour, slip stitch in nearest 3 chain space. Make a petal by (sc, hdc, tr,tr, hdc, sc). slip stitch into next 3 chain space, repeat. Make a petal in each 3 chain space. Slip stitch in first sc. cut yarn. 
  7. Take a new colour, (green), sc in each stitch in previous row, with a hdc in between two petals. Slip stitch in first sc. cut yarn. 
  8. Make back in same way. 
  9. Sew ends together with a wool needle and yarn, leaving a semi circle opening. 
  10. Chain 20 and sc to openings of purse on either side to make handle. 

Please email me if you get stuck, need more photos, or would like help. Mymindfullcraft@gmail.com 

Thank you. 

P x

Crochet: healing, happy expression of yourself

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever blog. I created this site to pay homage to the art of Crochet. I love this art form, it has over the course of many years helped me stay in touch with myself. I’m dedicating this for all of us who look at something, wow at it and then think “I wish I could do that” – You can!

Here you will see many free patterns, photos, inspirations, quotes and other ideas to keep you hooked.

Happy reading.

Payal x