Easter birds 

It’s impossible to explain creativity. It’s like asking a bird, ‘How do you fly?’ You just do.

Eric Jerome Dickey
Happy Easter everyone…! 

 It’s so lovely to have 4 days of holidays. Sydney weather is forecast to be absolutely fantastic… We are just getting into autumn and the temperatures are perfect. The days are warm but not hot, the nights are cool but not cold and uncomfortable. We are all planning long drives, walks with the dog, late nights and lie in mornings…. And lots of crochet time for me! 😉

I wanted to make something colourful and happy. Just to bring out the holiday spirit. Here are my Easter birds. They are quite easy, as you simply make a circle of your choice, fold in half, stuff, sew on eyes and tail…. Done. Have fun choosing the colours. I had a great time choosing the beads too. 

I hope these inspire you to get creative and enjoy the long weekend. Ah for long lazy days, cool nights of take away…. and lots of crochet in front of the TV with my family milling around me. Bliss…. 


P x

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