I’ve got the power…. 

You know that song… The one with all those beats… Yeah that one. I felt just like that and this post is my explanation why….

Easter was just so lovely…. It was relaxing, it was fun, most of all we connected to the ones we love the most. That was the best feeling in the world. The other best thing was that I managed to finish two projects that I’d been working on and I was a bit worried that I’d never finish…. You know the feeling? 

I managed to give myself a brain workout by converting a knitted garment to a crochet one. It was a knitted sleeveless vest that I had seen somewhere. It was so comfy and lovely, but there was no crochet pattern for it. 

Therein lay the challenge. After measuring up the rough length and width of the original vest, I managed to make up my own crochet version. And it made me feel so happy that I felt I had the power to do simply anything! 😎😉

Here is a photo of the one I made in Katia Aztec yarn. 

I’m really looking to wearing this come the cooler months. Except now it’s just warm everyday… And it simply can’t cool down soon enough for me! Of course whenever I want to wear any of my lovely crocheted items, it’s always too warm. Although we are almost a month into autumn in Sydney, it’s still 27-28 degrees and yes it’s nice, but hey… You can’t wear a nice crochet shawl in that weather can you…. 🙃 here are some photos of our local beach where we go quite often with my dog. 

Hoping it’s cooler wherever you are…. 
P xx

One thought on “I’ve got the power…. 

  1. Katya

    Payal you always inspire me to start a new project. Looking forward to start a tunic for my little one can you suggest any ideas….


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