Of colour and happiness…

If you shut your eyes and are a lucky one, you may see at times a shapeless pool of lovely pale colours suspended in the darkness; then if you squeeze your eyes tighter, the pool begins to take shape, and the colours become so vivid that with another squeeze they must go on fire.

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Colour is so inviting. It beckons and calls, persuades you to express yourself in its moods. You could be bright orange with happiness and hope, calm with blue and green or just be happy in a colour of your choice. I find engaging with colour a form of expression.

 I made this bunting over a couple of days to express the different moods that I felt. The real challenge was stopping at 17 circles. I could have just gone on and on…. 

Pattern for circles

You will need a size 4.5 mm hook and medium (DK) weight yarn in a wide array of colours. I have used acrylic for my bunting. 

  • Start with a circle. Using white, either make a magic ring, or chain 3, join with first chain for a circle. Sc at join, chain 2, makes 1tr. Make another 13 tr into beginning circle, 14tr all up. Snip off yarn. 
  • With new colour, sc into any tr space from last round. Chain 3, 1tr into same space, forms 2tr together. (Ch 1, tr2 together into each space from previous round) slip stitch into first chain, 14 tr together. Snip off yarn. 
  • With new colour, sc into any chain 1 space from previous round. (Chain 2(acts as tr) tr twice more into same stitch) makes 1 shell. Skip two stitches from round below, three tr in next chain 1 space. Repeat till you have 14 shells. Slip stitch into top of 1st tr. Snip off yarn. 

I really hope you enjoy creating these wherever you are dear reader. I hope you love watching the colours merge and take shape like I did, I hope you love what you do… And I hope it makes you as happy as I was when I’d strung it up. It hangs over a doorway in my kitchen, makes me smile when I look at it, and brightens my day just a little more! 


P x

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