New adventures 

Hello everyone I’ve been loving my time recently. I’ve had a real mix of days with some spent busily crafting and crocheting, whereas with other days I’ve been on the phone to colleges persuading them and promoting crochet. As a result I’m happy to report I have had a few small successes. There have been a few failures, yes there are always those who don’t agree, understand or just haven’t seen life like we have and don’t think about ancient arts like crochet and how beneficial they can be.  I’ve put together a list of my current and upcoming courses at the end of the blog if you are interested! 
Another amazing thing happened too… I had my FIRST market! See photos below:

It was an amazing experience with so much to learn for me. From the thrill of making my first sale… to the disappointment when people eye over my handiwork and then suggest I take a few dollars less for it. I don’t know if you have felt this way, but I was very irritated. I mean how much can you discount a $10 item? I can offer to take $2 or $3 off but it makes me feel like I’ve demeaned my self and my work. I guess that was the lesson for me, I learnt a few new things. Don’t know if I’ll go rushing into doing another market, but I did enjoy the music, the appreciative comments about my work and the social interaction. 

On another note, I’ve taken another leap of faith and decided to host my own course. It will be all about granny square and I’m so excited! I’m busily crafting my ideas into projects for the course… god willing I will have my enrolments and it will all go ahead! I give thanks in my quiet moments of gratitude. 

Here is a list of my courses should you be interested!
Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve had a lovely crafty and rewarding time too! 


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