I’m a bit lost 

🤔While I tackle the learning curve of setting up my first Instagram account, gmail account, face book account and get my head around blogging, I’m very very lost trying to figure out how to make my blog better. 

I simply don’t know how to introduce a drop down menu, extra photos, put words into current photo, reply to all the people who were kind enough to like me Etc… 

Eventually if it could work out I’d like this blog to be my identity for all the crochet work I manage to work on. I’m hoping to soon acquire some paid work too and I’d really like my blog to look like an introduction to me…. But that’s not what’s happened so far. 

I’ve been out of my comfort zone eversince I ventured into blogging territory about a month ago. I’d read a lot of people’s blog over the years, but never considered myself savvy enough to make one myself. 🤔 Then something made me brave enough to try my own. 

After a while the crochet work grew into an art for me and I really wanted to share it with everyone. Of course then I thought I was going to be OK starting up a blog. Did I mention I’d never been on social media before this? With the exception of a rarely accessed Facebook account which I’d created years ago so my mum (who has since passed away) could see the photos of my kids. I now don’t have the email address of password linked to that account, so it’s been dormant for many years. Other than that I don’t know how to use Facebook or any other social media. 

In the last week I’ve signed up for a new facebook account under the name of crochet princess. I want to upload crochet photos… That’s been a challenge. I know it just be hard for some of my readers to understand this, but I don’t know how to navigate myself. I’m feeling so left behind, so lost on the world of social media… The phrase digital foot print was mostly scary in the past… 

But have a heart little crochet princess, I tell myself often, you will unravel the mysteries of blogging, facebooking, instagramming etc. It will be slow, it will take a lot of reading and self learning… But hope makes the world go around. So I’m not giving up on myself yet! 

If any of you can help me, lovely readers, please shoot me an email on mymindfullcraft@gmail.com and let me know how. 


P xx

One thought on “I’m a bit lost 

  1. Sam Osmond

    Thank you for sharing this, I was the same when I first started, I’m still learning all the time, I look for tutorials on Youtube when I’m stuck with features and uses of Facebook and WordPress, I hope this helps.


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