How do you do yours…

Hello lovely readers, isn’t it funny? This is my 3rd blog in 2 days. How come suddenly I have all this time…? It’s because my dear husband is away. Once I put the kids to bed, wash up the dishes, iron the school uniforms… I’ve got nothing to do. So what do I do? My brain and my fingers scream for yarn and want to do something to curb the boredom. So guess what… I faced a old demon and unravelled my hanks of alpaca wool into balls so I can start crocheting with them. 



 Then of course it became clear that I needed some inspiration and really wanted to ask you all… How do you do yours? Each one of us who crafts and works with yarn must have had to do this. Someone suggested to me once to use an upturned chair and that’s what I’ve used in these pictures.

I admit the first hank I ever bought, about 15 months ago, was a sock yarn. I had never bought a Hank before and did not know how to roll it into a ball. Naively, I just started crocheting from the yarn while it was still in its dubious hank state. Needed less to say, a few days into the project, it started to resemble tangled spaghetti. The more I pulled, the worse it got. I’d un clog a little bit, then work a few rows to find another clogged up bit if yarn, each larger than the last one. My crochet rythm gave up on me and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wish I had taken a photo… Just to remind me how brave I am. I did give up on that yarn, then went back a few months later to finish off the unravelling. It wasn’t easy, certainly wasn’t much fun. Took the time it would have taken to create a beautiful project and tested my patience too. But I like to look at everything positively… Of course even that experience taught me some patience! 😂 
So my question to you is… How do you wind your ball? I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas. 

Looking forward to your responses, 

P x

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