Healing crochet

Hi everyone 

I have been sick with a virus that was doing the rounds in our house. By the time the kids had recovered, I was ill. To all of you who have children or interact with kids, you will know the feeling? Suddenly one afternoon I have this wave of tiredness and exhaustion, I felt unable to clean and tidy and just wanted to sit down. At times when I feel like this, or in the past felt much worse, I have turned to crochet. Working with my hands calms me, enagaging my brain keeps my self esteem in place and it helps me heal on an emotional level. 

While I haven’t been able to take up my hook recently as much as I usually do, I have been reading a lot. Here is something really valuable to check out: http://blog.lionbrand.com/2014/07/13/5-women-share-how-crochet-has-helped-them/

The women speaking here are all people I admire personally as crafters, designers and high achievers in their own right. Check it out! 

I do have some beautiful projects brewing in my brain, so watch this space… More juicy creative crochet coming soon. Until next time, stay well dear reader. I hope the sun is shining where you are! 

P xx😘