OMG Noro….

So you know I’m such a crochet addict but more than that, I’m a yarn addict. I have waaaay too much yarn, not enough space (will be sleeping on the floor in my kitchen as that has a bit of space) and a dirty little habit of buying yarn online (all the time) my pet time to buy is after dinner- kid free- internet browsing time just after pay day 😛😄😃👍🏼

So I bought some beautiful NORO yarn online. It’s called Noro Janome. Here is what I made… Again using granny squares…. Oh my god I had so much fun! I just don’t know how it’s going to look on me…. But hey there’s nothing wrong in a gypsy look is there? My family might refuse to walk with me, but at least I’ll be looking good! Enjoy looking… Tell me if you’ve made anything recently with granny squares… Or crochet squares. (I’m not sure why any square is called a granny square in crochet. Does anyone know?) 

Until next time 

Payal 😘

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    1. Hello there thanks for your comment. The yarn is soft but not fine. I buy online even though there are yarn shops around because they are just so expensive. It’s not uncommon to find yarn at least 40% cheaper online, throw in the free shipping and I really can’t justify buying yarn in Sydney. I bought the Noro Jamome from Deramores in the uk here is the link;111175;6453&gclid=Cj0KEQjwjoC6BRDXuvnw4Ym2y8MBEiQACA-jWZ5I-ede3OaqxN-I6-yuqjKC7MyDlrMZxwwzQ_nBiT4aAqxq8P8HAQ
      Sorry I hope that link works. The yarn is a mix of silk and wool and once I had touched it, I just couldn’t go back to anything else. 😊
      Love the granny square top! Very innovative. I’ve just finished a granny square scarf in Sock Yarn! I’ll be posting on that soon! Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.
      Payal 😘

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      1. Paardje

        Oh dear … Deramores … my order from last November (2015) still has not yet arrived 😦 Although, I think I might have ordered mine from the UK branch. Not sure. Glad you’re getting good service from them though 🙂


      2. Oh no… That’s no good. I’d recommend talking to their customer service people? I’ve been shopping online quite a lot and have found their prices to be good… Hope you have found other sites too. Thanks for your comment. It’s good to have info on yarn shopping… Especially since I do it so much! P x

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