To do or not to do…

I’ve never really taken to super chunky yarn, it worries me to wear such a thick garment. I’m not sure it looks good… especially on my pear shaped body. So I’ve stayed away from it and never really used it for anything. I had thought that one day maybe for a blanket or something I might give it a try but there was too much other stuff to concentrate on. 
That was until I saw this gorgeous super chunky merino called Araunciana maipo. I lusted after it once I saw it… but bought it with much apprehension. You know we all have a journey from when we buy the materials until we decide what to do with it. That’s a bonding journey… (unless you already know what you’re making and buy just for that.) I never do. So I embarked on my bonding journey with this yarn… I stared at it for a few days, (hugged it too), researched patterns, invested in a big hook… then got frustrated because I couldn’t find the project I wanted to make. 
At which point I decided just crochet with it, no pattern, no idea on what to do… JUST DO IT! 

I’ve finally finished and it’s turned out to be this –
ta daaaa… (imagine trumpets blowing) 

It’s a sleeveless vest, closed at the front, with practically no shaping and a simple V neck. The ribbing is a simple front post HDC. I do wear it which means it’s passed a certain test in my mind. I really enjoyed how easy it was to work with, quick to complete and yes the most important thing was that it didn’t pile when I unravelled it to rework a line. (Yes it took many unravelled goes to make it work) it’s turned out into a usable and loveable spring garment which is easy to wear. 

Hope you enjoy the inspiration and keep having fun! 

Please let me know if you’d like a pattern. I haven’t written anything yet but I’m sure that I will write it soon and I’ll be happy to share it. 

P xx