Going on holidays… 

Going on holidays… 
At the spur of the moment we decided to take the kids on a little break. It felt so lovely driving away…

We have decided to take a trip to country NSW and country VIC. Our family loves all things old… old towns, old things, antiques and old trails. We found some very interesting things in this little town which today identifies itself with an outlaws antics. The infamous Ned Kelly raided the hotel we stayed in back in the 1800’s. Here are some photos of the sleepy old town. 

Th hotel we stayed in had beautiful tin walls and ceilings. 
There was a gorgeous lake near by which was great for bike riding. All up it was a lovely stay and we had so much fun!

I’ve finished a yummy crochet project too. It’s all chunky yarn… a lot of research went into it. Photos coming up soon. 

Hope you are enjoying yourself where ever you are! 
Lots of love 

P x