My thoughts on boredom…

So usually people turn away from this subject about now. Who wants to chat about boredom… It’s BORING! So what does that mean? When I’m bored my brain is hungry for something to entangle itself in. Is that the way you feel? I spend a lot of time with friends, family and pets. I also exercise regularly, work part time, crochet full time and cook and clean my home when the fancy takes me. Do I sound like I have the time to be bored…? But I am. The moment I’m alone, I feel like I’m bored. I’m crocheting but my brain is not interested in the rhythmic actions. I’m watching TV but thinking about my sons first day back at school. I’m cooking but I can’t remember if I already added salt to the dish or do I need to do it again. What is wrong with me? I can’t be fully in the moment in anything. I’m worried that I’ve got ADHD or some such thing. 

So you’re still reading this? I guess that is a sign you can identify with me. And then the answer came to me during a tough yoga class. The yoga teacher kept talking about being mindful, trying to control your mind and control your breathing and finding calmness from within in the process. Of course while my body was aching in a particularly twisted pose, everything he said made sense. 

Coming home, greeting my dog and my crochet basket makes me realise how nice it is. I’m actually blessed in many ways and when I choose to see it, boredom isn’t something bad. In fact it’s something good because it gives you a chance to enjoy time doing things you want to do. I’ve made a list of boredom busters which including watching the first few Game of throne episodes, making cakes and doing an extra 10 min walk everyday. It makes me feel positive. I hope this positive practice makes it better for me and if you do the same, I hope it’s making things better for you too. 

I’ve also been working on lots of crochet projects. I am really looking forward to posting these soon. 

Lots of love