I’m looking forward to this…

So now I have something to look forward to each week https://www.sydneycommunitycollege.edu.au/course/ARHC20

Last week was my first class of this course. I rocked up, heart beating, clutching all my precious yarn, repeating to myself ‘I can do this’ again and again… And I had the best experience! Nine lovely ladies turned up and I had the best fun. I didn’t even know when the class started and when it was time to pack up. Thank you God almighty for such a fabulous opportunity. In celebration of having fun, I’ve decided to challenge myself. 

Here is my new challenge: I have to use some beautiful fine lace yarn and make myself something wearable. I’m aiming for a rectangle top like this in the picture below. This is a free pattern on the lion brand website. This picture is taken from their website. Now I’m at the stage of trying out new stages and I’m really enjoying it. 

Here are my experiments 

Wish me luck on my experiments! 

Lots of love and inspiration to you.

P x

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    I love your blog payal you write beautifully.Hope to see many new innovative dressed in near future keep it up!!!


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