Road to satisfaction…

Hello everyone, wonder if you guys have felt like this before: I hit the point of saturation on a crochet project recently. It was halfway through the first part of a shrug and because I knew there was quite a lot more to go, I just exhausted myself. The brain starts to send little tweaky messages about how long this is going to take, and how I can’t wait to work with something else. 😩 Then the 4 ply yarn rolls through my hands like the finest of threads (even tough it’s not) and as I weave my 3.5mm hook through the fine crochet I’m doing my hands start to cramp!! ✊🏻👋🏼👐🏻Ouch! I stop, look around, try to engage myself in the TV and keep crocheting like its something that’s happening by itself and I’ve got no part to play in it. 🙄 Of course that doesn’t work. Then I remind myself how much this alpaca yarn cost, even when it was on sale. And how I promised myself that I will finish this project and not just leave it to add to the stash! Yes that’s right I tell myself, slow and steady wins the race. And while I’m conjuring up imaginary visions of myself crocheting as a steady tortoise the hands still keep moving, slower now. 😏😖 Needless to say, I put the project away for a while and moved on to something else. I took photos of some recent completed projects: 

That seemed to make me better. What makes you feel motivated if you ever need an extra push to finish a crochet project? 🤔 To wrap up my experience, I finished an easier crochet project: a granny square cowl in a gorgeous yarn. 

I suppose having a couple of projects going at the same time can help. Especially as I find that finished projects are hugely satisfying so finishing off small projects on the way to finishing off a big one helps. And then I’m planning on attacking that alpaca shrug once more. With the help of strong coffee and more TV. 😄😌

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves too. 


P x

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