Cake and happiness 

Hello everyone 

Sydney is bright and beautiful today. Winter sunshine= happiness and I’ve been smiling a lot today 😀☺️ 

After a very wild weekend of rain, like lots and lots of rain, ( I personally love rain, I don’t like getting wet, but I like watching it fall when I’m warm and dry, preferably curled up with my favourite series on Tv and a juicy crochet project) but there’s rain, and then there’s exponentially exploding rain see here :

It meant a lot of time spent indoors, eating, cooking and of course baking. I’m rather proud of myself actually as I concocted a recipie for an unusual cake, which actually worked, and boy is it yummy…. 

Lychee and Pineapple olive oil cake 

I have to say I’m a big fan of making cakes with olive oil, much like my fellow blogger Connie@bohemian food. 😊

On the crochet front I’m feeling the positive energy. I’ve dived into my yarn stash and have organised my alpaca see here 

And I’m making a crochet cocoon shrug which may or may not turn out ok. Why the big question… Because there is no pattern. It’s just fresh out of my brain… Inspired by lots of reading and Pinterest reseach…. 

This is what it looks like now 

At the moment I’m going to bed for some beauty sleep. I will pray to God for the patience to finish this shrug. Using thin yarn and a small size hook is not fun, making me take so long over one project, I feel like giving it up sometimes! 😩 Can’t complain too much though, I’m loving the feel of the alpaca in my hands. I also have the young inspector morse to keep me company. I’m watching the dishy Sean Evans with much interest in the ITV series ‘Endeavour’ and I’m lovin it! 

Lots of love to you all, hope the sun is shining on you. 

P xx